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Industrial Problems


  • Application of full waveform imaging methods to industry problems.
  • Development of a new high-resolution, multicomponent, 4-D benchmark seismic data base for testing solutions and inverse algorithms (incl. anisotropy, poroelasticity and time-dependence of internal structures).
  • Application on observed data sets in collaboration with industrial partners.
  • (Inter-) comparison and integration of active and passive imaging methodologies in a quantitative way.
  • Problem-specific recommendations for the use of full-waveform modelling and inversion tools in industrial problems.

Description of work

(leader in bold)

  • T5.1 Wavefield separation based on wavelet analysis (body waves, surface waves; UP, SCR, LMU)
  • T5.2 Seismic passive monitoring of fault systems, underground industrial activity, and stress changes (UJF, ING, IPG, SSZ)
  • T5.3 High-quality industrial benchmark data sets (SCR, MSI, LMU, CUB)
  • T5.4 Time lapse full waveform inversion for geothermal and CO2-sequestration problems (OGS, MSI, LMU, SCR)
  • T5.5 Dynamic triggering of seismicity (volcano and reservoir; NUID UCD, MSI, ING)


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