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Forward Modelling


  • Developing the forward modeling ingredients to the inverse problem.
  • Defining optimal strategies for geophysical model description with complex geometries (e.g., GOCAD).
  • Computational grid generation for efficient wavefield calculations.
  • Adapting novel numerical approaches to the seismic wave propagation problem.
  • Defining optimal solutions (best practices) for specific problems (e.g., in terms of numerical approach, problem scale, computational grid type).
  • Development of appropriate rheologies for structural and source inverse problems (e.g., anisotropy, poroelasticity, nonlinear strains).

Description of work

(leader in bold)

  • T2.1 Identification of forward solutions to be engineered towards efficient, multi-platform use on HPC systems (LMU, all partners)
  • T2.2 Standardization of input and output formats for Earth models and data (LMU, all partners)
  • T2.3 Benchmarks for forward modelling (CUB, LMU, SCR, OGS)
  • T2.4 Generation of synthetic test data sets for inverse problems on all scales (LMU, IPG, SCR, CUB)
  • T2.5 Development, testing, and application of material property averaging schemes for near-surface and internal 3-D structures (IPG, LMU, CUB, UP)


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