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Geophysicist permanent position at Microseismic Inc.

Geophysicist permanent position at Microseismic Inc., Huston

Duties & Responsibilities
The aim of the position is to bring forward a multidisciplinary approach to the interpretation of microearthquake data for the exploration and exploitation of natural resources. Proper interpretation of these unique data bridges the gaps between field production operations, geological reservoir descriptions and geophysical site characterizations. The ability to link between these disciplines is facilitated by the conceptualization of earthquakes as a reservoir barometer.

Key technical responsibilities are to:

  • continue to quantify of the nature and presence of seismic activity associated with oil and gas fields, and hydrocarbon provinces
  • describe primary, secondary and tertiary production processes through the analysis of the micro-earthquakes
  • map reservoir architecture through fault delineation and detailed tomographic analysis
  • identify dynamic fault traps and calculate the state of stress
  • perform exploration structural mapping using local earthquake arrays

Seismology internship:
The goal of this internship is to gain experience in processing and analysis of microseismic data. The goal of this three-month long internship is develop advanced methodology for characterization of the microseismic data and reservoir, such as attenuation, anisotropy, source mechanism or tomography. The applicant is expected to skilled in programming and processing of seismic data. Successful applicant will have an opportunity work with unique datasets of 100+ buried geophone arrays monitoring oil and gas reservoirs.

For information, please contact Leo Eisner: ">

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