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PhD in Glacioseismology at ETH Zurich

The Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zurich is seeking a highly motivated student for a Ph.D. position in a cross-disciplinary project between the Swiss Seismological Service and the glaciology group at the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

The project aims at elucidating basal and englacial processes of the Greenland Ice Sheet using seismic monitoring in combination with borehole geophysical techniques. The successful candidate will analyze a unique data set recorded with a highdensity, campaign seismic network installed during July and August of 2011 on the Greenland ice sheet.

Specific tasks will include detection, location and characterization of englacial seismic sources using innovative approaches, such as non-linear probabilistic earthquake location and full moment tensor inversions. Concurrent measurements of basal water pressure, englacial deformation and ice sheet surface velocities will facilitate interpretation of the seismic results in terms of glaciological principles. For this reason we are looking for a student who is open to exploring and combining different subjects, such as seismic source theory, continuum mechanics and glacier hydraulics. Ideally, he or she will have a degree in geophysics or a related field as well as experiences with programming languages such as matlab, python, perl, fortran, etc. Participation in future seismological field work on glaciers in Switzerland or other regions is anticipated. Hence, we are also looking for a student who enjoys the outdoors and does not mind the cold. Working languages at the Swiss Seismological Service are German and English. The position is available immediately, i,.e. October 2011. Funding is available for three years, which is the anticipated time to obtain a Ph.D. at ETH Zurich.

To apply, please send an extended curriculum vitae, including a brief statement of research, and a list of two references to Dr. S. Husen - - and to Dr. F. Walter - . For more information please contact Dr. S. Husen - - or Dr. F. Walter - .

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