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Inverse Modelling – Active and Passive imaging


  • This WP will deal with fundamental questions of inverse/imaging problems:
    • Optimal strategies to compare data with theory for the various imaging applications;
    • combination of local with global search methods;
    • incorporation of a priori information into the imaging process;
    • calculation and visualization of model uncertainties;
    • combination of information from different data sets (e.g. passive and active imaging).
  • Projects in this WP will investigate and develop optimal strategies using a probabilistic approach to structural and source imaging from a theoretical point of view.
  • In addition this WP shall specifically develop and extend the theory of and the domains of applications of passive imaging using ambient noise and coda signals.

Description of work

(leader in bold)

  • T4.1 Investigation of various observables (translations, strains, rotations) and their combinations w.r.t. sensitivities for structure and source (LMU, IPG, ETH Zurich, UEA)
  • T4.2 Extension of passive imaging, coda inversion to multiple scales (UJF, IPG, ETH Zurich)
  • T4.3 Defining optimal model space search strategies for structural and source imaging problems (UU, UP, IPG, UJF, UEA)
  • T4.4 Optimal model representation for inverse problems (UP, LMU)


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