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Tomography and Geodynamics


  • Improve the resolution of structural images of seismic velocities, anisotropies and attenuation on continental and planetary scales.
  • Application of the forward and inverse methodology on spherical meshes (regional and planetary scale).
  • Explicit vs. approximate treatment of crustal layers, oceans, topography in forward and inverse problems.
  • Effect of approximate vs. full-waveform modeling on structural imaging as a function of frequency.
  • Defining domains of applicability for various inverse approaches (finite frequency inversion, full waveform inversion).

Description of work

(leader in bold)

  • T6.1 High-frequency waveform inversion for European crustal model (UU, UOXF.DG, IPG)
  • T6.2 European upper mantle anisotropic structure and relevance for geodynamics (IPG, UU, UOXF.DG)
  • T6.3 Integrative whole mantle global tomography (surface and body waves, normal modes; UOXF.DG, UEA, IPG, ETH Zurich)
  • T6.4 Constraining scattering properties of local 3-D models through high-end calculations (ETH Zurich, IBM, NUID UCD)


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