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High-Performance Computing


  • Efficient implementation of parallel wave propagation solvers and their adaptation to adjoint wavefields.
  • The generation of computational grids for the specific applications (reservoirs, volcanoes, faults, planets) and the e-infrastructure to disseminate them to the network partners.
  • Provision of access to European supercomputer infrastructure through national supercomputer centers (DEISA/DEGREE).
  • This WP will also set up a web-infrastructure for the imaging benchmark exercises.
  • Training on computational issues (e.g., parallel programming) shall be provided through this WP in collaboration with computational scientists of the local supercomputer centers and the training offered through DEISA.

Description of work

(leader in bold)

  • T3.1 Profiling and optimization of parallel algorithms on multiple platforms for waveform inversion problems (LMU, IPG, IBM, CUB, TUM)
  • T3.2 Computational grid generation for specific regions, standardization of formats, model and grid library (UNA, LMU, TUM, ETH Zurich)
  • T3.3 Development of tools for automated large data volume mining towards waveform inversion (IPG, UEA, UP)
  • T3.4 Organization of access to European supercomputer infrastructure and HPC training programs (LMU, IPG, OGS, TUM, IBM, DEISA-PRACE)
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