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Analytical Anelastic/Poroelastic

An analytical solution to anelastic/poroelastic wave propagation in a homogenous medium

Project Description

Author: Josep de la Puente

The package consists of two MATLAB scripts:

  • AnalyticAnelastic.m: An analytical solution to anelastic wave propagation in a homogenous medium. It is based in the correspondence principle, using the inverse Fourier Transform of the Green's Function in 2D. It's written in MATLAB. Also provides the elastic solution to the problem.

  • Analytical_Poroelastic.m: MATLAB Script for obtaining the analytical solution for wave propagation in a homogenous poroelastic medium, based on the solution described in the paper by Dai et al. (1995).

    The source used is a point explosion with time component Ricker or gaussian first derivative. The solution is computed in the frequency domain. Only non-viscous fluids are considered. The resulting seismograms are the radial components of the solid and liquid particle velocities.

    Dai, N., Vafidis, A. & Kanasewich, E.R., 1995. Wave propagation in heterogeneous, porous media: A velocity-stress, finite-difference method, Geophysics, 60, 327-340.

Current Release
Analytical Anelastic/Poroelastic 1.0

Released Nov 23, 2005

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1.0 Nov 23, 2005 More about this release… final