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Fd2dc / Ps2d

Simple training codes for Finite Differences (FD) in 2D and for elastic wave simulation in 2D using a Pseudo-Spectral Fourier method

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Project Description

Author: Heiner Igel

This software contains to packages:

  • Fd2dc: Centered FD code with up to 4th order Runge Kutta. Note that this is just for testing. In the elastic case really a staggered grid scheme is to be used. Derivative is carried out using the cshift function, thus circular boundary conditions are automatic.
  • Ps2d: This code is a direct implementation of the code described by Wang and Carcione (1993), howver using - instead of Chebyshev derivatives simple Fourier derivatives df=IFFT(ik*FFT(f)) It solves the elastic wave equationin 2D.

Current Release
Fd2dc / Ps2d 1.0

Released Mar 14, 2005

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All Releases

Version Released Description Status
1.0 Mar 14, 2005 More about this release… final