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Calculates the 2 components of the 2D wavefield generated by a line dislocation at the interface between two different elastic solids.

Project Description

Authors: Yehuda Ben-Zion, Zheqiang Shi

The Fortran 90 code "sh2qs_ld.f" calculates SH displacement seismogram at a given receiver location in a structure consisting of 2 quarter spaces. The motion is generated by an SH line dislocation with a step source time function at the material interface. The calculations are based on the analytical solution described in the paper:

Ben-Zion, Y., The response of two joined quarter spaces to SH line sources located at the material discontinuity interface, Geophys. J. Int., 98, 213-222, 1989

The code can be complied with most Fortran 90 compilers. The Geometry of the problem is specified in Fig. 9 of Ben-Zion (1989).

Current Release

Released Aug 08, 2006

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1.0 Aug 08, 2006 More about this release… final