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Time-frequency Misfits

The Fortran95 program TF-MISFITS is designed for computation of time-frequency misfits between tested and reference seismograms

Project Description

Time-frequency Misfits

Authors: Miriam Kristekova, Jozef Kristek & Peter Moczo

The Fortran95 program TF-MISFIT_GOF_CRITERIA is designed for computation of time-frequency misfits and time-frequency goodness-of-fit criteria for the 3-component time signals. Both local and global normalizations are implemented. Cases with and without a reference signals are included.

If the user publishes results obtained with the program, the user should make reference to

Acknowledgements: The program has been developed in cooperation between the Geophysical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava.

Current Release
Time-frequency Misfits 1.0

Released Sep 30, 2009

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All Releases

Version Released Description Status
1.0 Sep 30, 2009 More about this release… final