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Experienced Researchers
Basini Piero ETH Large-scale parallel nonlinear optimization for regional scale 3D-Seismic Imaging
Hadziioannou Céline LMU Correlation techniques, rotations
Morais, Iolanda INGV Inversion of seismic surface waves
Satriano Claudio IPG/ENS/INGV Seismic source imaging
Schiemenz Alan LMU
Modeling and inversion of seismic wave propagation
Valentine Andrew
Global waveform tomography
Ying Yingzi UCD Inversion and time reversal of ocean noise seismicity


Early Stage Researchers
Baron Julie
Modeling seismic wave propagation for imaging earth structure at regional scale
Bernauer Moritz UU Sensitivity optimisation of seismic observables
Colombi Andrea ETH Finite-frequency  seismic imaging og the Earth's core-mantel boundary region
Dionicio Viviana
Multi-scale imaging of extended earthquake source radiation
Galvez Percy ETH 3d rupture dynamics with unstructured spectral elements and flux-based fault solvers
Gualtieri Lucia
Observation and modelling of the seismic noise generation and propagation
Knaute Philip SGR
Waveform inversion and land near-surface characterization for exploration seismology
Lentas Kostas UEA
Analysis and modelling of long-period seismic data for earthquake and Earth structure characterisation
Molina Aguilera Antonio LMU Wave propagation inside volcanoes
Maria Fernanda
LMU Long-period rotational signals
Parisi Laura UEA

Approximate vs. purely numerical approaches for full waveform modeling of global Earth structure

Poli Piero UJF
Passive imaging, source location and tomography
Ramos Catalina LMU Rotational Seismology
Rezanezhad Vahid
Bayesian analysis of surface wave characteristics
Shogenov Kazbulat OGS Seismic numerical modelling applied to study the feasibility of monitoring CO2 injection into siliciclastic  reservoirs
Siddiqui Tarique UP
Su Chang OGS
Analysis and modelling of seismic wave propagation in highly heterogeneous and porous media for reservoirs and boreholes investigations
Tantsiura Maksym UP Inversion of slip distribution from surface displacement measurements using generalized mixed models
Twardzik Cedric UOXF.DG/ETH
Seismic source
Valentova Lubica
Numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation in heterogeneous structures
van Driel Martin
Finite-frequency tomography for anisotropic structures and scattering approaches for efficient simulation of global-scale wave propagation
Wang Nian IPG/MSI Separation of intrinsic and extrinsic anisotropies by homogenization method
Weemstra Cornelis
Explore the ability to solve for subsurface velocity & attenuation structure with arrays of receivers recording the ambient seismic wave field between 40s and 50 Hz.S
Wenk Stefan CUB Exploiting the capabilities of the ADER-DG method: for seismic wave propagation on all scales
Zecevic Megan
Analysis and modelling of source characteristics of LP events at Piton de la Fournaise, La Reunion
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